The Best Restaurant Mission Statements Take Time

As a restaurateur, you already know that your restaurant is about more than just food on the table. It’s an expression of who you are, and the mission, vision, and the values you hold dear. It’s the heart and soul of everything you create, on the table and off. But creating the best mission statement is easier said than done. Until now. Working with thousands of restaurateurs nationwide, Upserve has built a restaurant mission statement template to help. Use this template to identify how you will present yourself to the world.

Your restaurant mission statement is how you express yourself to the world.

You’ve put a lot of work into making your restaurant an extension of you and your beliefs, and those beliefs were the ingredients in your concept. What differentiates you from your competitor could be the very thing that gets guests in the door. One way to effectively communicate this is by having a concise mission statement. Now, it’s time to tell your guests about these values and stand apart from your competitors.

What is your vision for your restaurant and how do you share it?

Imagine what the personality of your restaurant is, the concept you started with, and what your version of success looks like. Think about how you made decisions before you opened your doors, and how those decisions formed the culture of your restaurant. It may seem simple, but restaurant mission statements, when shared properly, can influence guest decision making! Once you’ve drafted a concise and clear mission statement, share it with the world. Have a special tab for it on your website, or include it on your about page. You may even have opportunities to include on your menu. Whatever works best for your restaurant, put it out there and make it easy for your guests to find it.

→ Examples

"At Gracie’s, our mission is simple: enhance and educate the palate with the freshest ingredients and flavors, while surprising and exciting each guest with personal care and service.” - Gracie's, Providence,  RI • Mission Statement

“From sprout to plate, we’re all about offering smart, healthy, on-the-go people, smart, healthy, on-the-go food.” - Mixt, CA • Mission Statement

“Food as it should be. Food should taste good. It should feel good. It should do good things for you and the world around you.” - Panera Bread, Nationwide • Mission Statement

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