Seasonality Can Have A Huge Impact On Business

When it comes to seasonal factors, there’s more than just the weather that can impact your restaurant sales for better or worse. Where do restaurant sales spike during the year and how can you plan for that? Whether it’s staffing, seasonal menus, or operational changes, you need to be set up for success. Use this guide to forecast your sales and ensure your staff, menu, and even your table layout are set up for whatever your guests are looking for, no matter the time of year.

Your restaurant could gain 26% more orders with seasonal menus

A seasonal menu is a great way for your restaurant to stay fresh to your guests and staff. It also provides an opportunity to increase business. Seasonal food and drink offerings can add an important, dynamic element to your existing restaurant menu options in a number of ways - from bringing in new guests all the way to increased staff engagement. Plus, restaurant industry trends are changing all of the time, so with a seasonal menu, your kitchen can try out the new trends without breaking the bank… and the restaurant menu design.

Believe it or not, holidays often mean less guests

With the expectation of a few major holidays (cough, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day brunch anyone?) restaurants are known to see a decline in guests during seasonal holidays. In fact, sales drop as much as 20% for restaurants during major holidays seasons. Why? For one, guests are cooking at home, spending time with family, and instead of gathering around your table, they’re gathering around their own. Luckily, this guide has a plan for how you can accommodate their busier schedules and changing dining habits during all seasonal highs and lows. Plus, did you know that the days leading up to a holiday can be a great sales boost for your online ordering? We’ll cover that, too.

Summertime and the living’s easy?

The days are longer and if your restaurant is like most, you are preparing for more guests. This means you need to have more staff on during each shift and perhaps you need to prepare for seasonal food trends, too. Don’t make restaurant seasonality harder than it has to be. Get the all-inclusive guide, free, now.

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